Professional Thai Massage NYC 
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Conecting your body & mind
​well being & relaxation 
mind of your body to enjoy every moment of happiness

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Bodywork for relaxation to health improvement , maintain health and well-being with muscle and tendon from sport or life style poster and also relaxation with Traditional Thai massage or may hearing as Thai yoga massage as my piority and also do Thai combination, Deep tissue/ Sport massage and reflexology.

Each client may receive different technic base on body issue or flexibility such as shoulder pain, neck pain, headache, knots, muscle tightness, muscle spasm, hand numb, connective tissue on hands/ feet, tennis elbow, golfer elbow, under knees pain, inflexible body  etc. and also stress relief and relaxation .

Being healthy is very important to be able to join the happiness . My service is come  with experiences , skills and mind for every customer, friendly enviroment both men and women. 

Stay healthy to enjoy every awesome moment is coming.
  1. Thai yoga massage
  2. Thai yoga massage
  3. head massage
  4. deep tissue
  5. Deep tissue apply for thai combination
  6. swedish massage
  7. Back, neck & shoulder massage
  8. reflexology
  9. ashi thai massage, massage by foot
  10. Thai couple massage
  11. Mattress for Thai yoga massage
  12. Title 12

Customer Testimonials

''Just recently I received a massage from Emma not realizing how powerful and relaxing a thai massage can be, I as a medical professional doing a lot of heavy lifting My muscles get tense and need a good massage every now and then by going to Emma and receiving this thai massage it was one of the most greatest experiences I have ever had in massage therapy. she's very knowledgeable of the human anatomy and definitely knows what she's doing she makes you feel very peaceful very relaxed very at ease and she gets the job done she is very personal with you as in she is asking many questions about what you like what you don't like if you have any medical problems or issues so she could work around them. I think Emma is great and I would recommend her to everybody.''

Christopher B. ​ 3/18/2016

''Today I had my first massage at "Professional Thai Massage NYC By Emma" and it was excellent!!! I've experienced many other massage spas/parlors and various masseurs/masseuses before and I can honestly say that Emma is by far one of the best--if not THE Best-- therapeutic massage expert around.  A hallmark for me that I've found a good masseur/masseuse is that after they find for themselves where your trouble spots are OR ask you where you are having problems, physiologically, they know how to work the areas to start you on a journey of getting rid of your pain as they can find those trigger points and sources of  musculo-skeletal difficulties with skill.  Also,  after the massage is over, your muscles are spasming at many of the locations on your body that were worked on, which indicates that the muscles have been encouraged to relax--so those knots and adhesions disappear and you feel more loose, not tight.  Plus, this Thai massage by Emma includes her stretching you as she goes along, which further provokes your muscles to relax.  So all in all, I would highly recommend Emma to ALL my friends and family!!!  You wont regret it!!!''

Olympia P. ​ 3/16/2016

''I just had a baby three weeks ago and was feeling a lot of aches and pains in my neck and lower back. I called Emma and she came to the rescue! She was able to see me right away. I was so glad she made house calls because it is so difficult for me to leave the house with such a young infant. She was punctual, had excellent bedside manners, and took her time to give me a full body massage. I look forward to my next appointment!! Highly recommend Emma!''

Anita T. ​ 3/14/2016

''I have been working with Emma for the past several months and it's amazing how much I look forward to our sessions. She really is so knowledgeable in what she does. I've had problems with my back for years but after working with Emma I feel like my posture is improving and my overall pain has reduced!''

Cyelee K. ​ 2/24/2016

''Emmi is the best!  I have always wanted try Thai massage and she didn't disappoint. Emmi is well trained and has keen understanding of the human body and where the tension is. My massage left me feeling super limber and relaxed and I will be going back for weekly visits.  Highly recommend!''

Sam H. ​ 10/10/2015

''A friend recommended Emmi to me after pinched nerves in my back and arm were causing a lot of pain and numbness.  Over the course of 2 weeks, I saw Emmi four times for a deep tissue and focused Thai massage.

All I can say is Emmi worked magic.  Emmi found the knots causing me so much distress and worked me hard.  This was not a swedish style, soft touch, gentle massage.  Emmi made me earn my recovery.  The deep tissue work was hard and painful, but it was a good pain.  I could feel myself recovering after each session and I felt confident Emmi was the reason I was getting better.

Now, 3 weeks later, I'm pain free and feel 100% better thanks to Emmi and "Professional Thai Massage NYC"

Emmi is also a pleasant person,  She's professional, responsible, smart and friendly. She's also actually Thai and trained in Thailand.  

I enjoyed talking with Emmi during the massages, asking questions and getting back intelligent answers. During the periods of the massages when I didn't want to talk, Emmi was quite content working without speaking.  She followed my lead.  Whatever I wanted was fine.  

I unconditionally, and wholeheartedly recommend Emmi for Thai Massage.''

Mick S. ​ 9/15/2015